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Hello everyone
We own a 2010 Santa Fe Crdi 4wd. I am a classic car enthusiast, and my own daily driver is a 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Turbodiesel. My kids are mostly driven in a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser series 80. The Santa Fe is my wife's car, and we bought it as an appliance car, i.e. minimum headache. Owing to traffic rules in our city, it is necessary for us to maintain three separate vehicles, as each one is barred from the streets one day a week, depending on the last digit of the license plate. Public transportation here is not extensive, safe, reliable or clean enough to be an option.

We have faithfully done all regular maintenance on the Santa Fe. At 9 years old, it's finally starting to show minor problems. We could sell it, but we still quite like it, so I am hoping to fix these problems, with advice from the forum.

The main issue we have is a strong high-frequency vibration when the car is stopped, with the transmission in Drive. This is not intolerable, as we simply put the transmission in Neutral, and the vibration pretty much disappears. It also does not manifest when the car is in motion. But obviously, it needs to be addressed.

So far, my theories are 1. Some kind of problem with the torque converter, or 2. Worn injection system. I will trawl previous topics to see if anything comes up.

Thanks for welcoming me to the group.

Manila, Philippines
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