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Received the 2010 MapnSoft update for 2009 Sonata Limited Infinity Amp. When I started the update the first two steps loaded fine and the third step would progress about 5% before receiving an "Update Failure" screen. The message reads "Can't read data file/Deck/common/MAP.spd.000(read.err.30) I cleaned the disk and tried several times and it always quits at the same spot. The biggest problem is that I cannot get my radio controls to show up. Anyone have any ideas. I have a call in to MapnSoft and assume that the disk is bad and needs to be replaced, but was wondering if there is any way to get the radio controls back.
My guess is you already answered your question. Get them to ship you a new disc and try it out. If it still fails, then maybe the dvd drive has an issue.

I ordered an update disc back in 2009 and it would never get past the initial verification step. The trick for me ended up putting a dvd movie in, letting it play a bit, then swapping out with the update disc and then it updated fine. Still, your situation sounds like you've gotten way past where i had the hick-up and you may either have a bad unit or a bad disc.
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