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Hi everyone - I own a 2010 model low km near showroom condition Hyundai i45 elite 2.4l automatic and looking at installing two dash cam's (one on the front dashboard and the other on the inside of the rear back window).
I dont wish to fit a dual lens dashcam where one lens faces the front and the other faces towards the back window.
The wiring for the front dashcam is quite simple as it will just plug into the cig lighter socket, but I am a bit lost to where I connect the wiring for the rear dashcam.
I dont wish to run an extra cable from the front to the rear dashcam if I can avoid it, so is there a 12v supply somewhere in the boot area that comes on when the car is started and goes off when the car is switched off which could supply the rear dashcam ?
Anyone have any comments ?
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