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I just looked at a GS on Saturday and loved it. I was wondering what the real world difference is between the GS and the Blue? I know what the EPA says, but what have you experienced? Also, can one have cruise control installed on the Blue?

We discussed this earlier in another thread: I don't think there is a Blue Trim for 2011. They have the GL, which is very similar, and the EPA rating is identical to that of GS (28/34). EPA seems to have rated a Blue trim for 2011 (26/36), but nobody saw that car sold in the US. In any case, the average mileage is about the same, the Blue is better on the highway, while the GS/GL is better in the city. The reason is probably shorter gears in the GL.

I have a new '11 GL, but I only have 670 miles on it, and so far I'm keeping the break-in suggestions in the Users' Manual by revving the engine a bit higher (between 2000 and 4000 RPM). My mileage is about 26-28, city only.
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