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(sorry for the long long book like post(I write tech manuals for a living and my email writing and forum postings seem to reflect this long hand)

Hello again folks,

How are you all. Does anybody know the offset for the 15 inch stock steel rim that is on the 2010 Elanta sedan? I have looked on the web and I see anywhere from +46 to +54. So what is the correct offset on the OEM 15x5.5J Elantra steel wheels?

I want a full size spare tire in my trunk. A test fit of the drivers side rear wheel shows it to fit in the spare tire well perfectly.

The local dealership wants $200 for a new Elantra 15 inch rim. Looking at the local junk yards there is no Elantra steel rims to be had(a few ugly damaged alloy rims though)

Ebay has not a big selection(and those there are priced high ($150) for good used ones and $100 with scuffs and generally looking all banged up

Tire rack is out until winter season.

At one local junk yard I went to they had a 15 inch rim off of a 2010 Kia Forte Sedan for $50 plus tax. It is in great shape. The stock Forte steel rim is 15x5.5J just like the 2010 Elantra. I have always though of Kia/Hyundai as being kissing cousins and a lot of the parts I have bought for my Elantra and my old Sonata have both the Hyundai and Kia logos on them(I got my iPod cable from a Kia dealer)

Some research on the Forte rim shows this as follows:

Kia Forte 15 inch steel rim
Bolt pattern: 5x114.3
Center bore: 67.1
Offset +48

The Elantra rim 15 inch steel rim
15x5.5J (written on my rim as 5 1/2J X 15(which is the same thing)
Bolt pattern: 5x114.3
Center bore 67.1
Offset: ??

Both the Elantra and Forte of that year use 195/65R15 tires

It would seem the specs for the Forte rim is almost the same as the Elantra except for Offset which I cannot find a definite value on.

I got a good look at the forte rim and it is OEM(has a KIA part number) and has the same 13 holes in the wheel front as the Elantra

I did notice a slight difference, on the Forte wheel the center of the wheel (that hub that encompasses the hub bore and the lugnuts) is a bit more recessed (a rough measurement with a tape measure showed the center of the forte wheel to be 1/4in more recessed then the Elantra rim) The difference does not seem that great and is hardly noticeable to the naked eye but that means that the Kia hub cap will not fit on my Elantra wheels since the thing is flat and the Elantra ones have a raised center(shame since they were cheap and better looking then the ugly Elantra ones

Anyway the price is right and most of the specs are the same except the unknown offset
What id the Elantra wheel offset?
Will the Forte rim work? I am buying the rim and a new tire that matches the 4 on the car because I am eying the possibility of ether having to long term use the spare if something happens the one of the rims on the car or rotating the spare into the normal rotation schedule(I am not concerned with the TPMS light and can check my tires my self(which I do once or twice a week) )

So what say you esteemed Forum folks?


P.S again sorry for the book

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Here are my findings.
OEM steel is a 15 Hole 15x5.5 inch, 5x4.5 bolt pattern (47mm offset). Part number: 529102H050.
I was looking at 2009, but I doubt they are any different.

As per fitment. I can't say how it will look.

However, I can say one thing.
For 50k+ miles in Rondo (over 5 years now), 15k miles in XD Elantra, and 10k+ miles in HD Elantra I have never, ever had to use spare wheel. It could be the roads or my luck, but I never put the spare tire on any of my cars.
And honestly, rotating 5 wheels? It only adds to your work and extra cost.

In addition, TPMS - well, I would find it very annoying to see this yellow TPMS light. I would not know if it is real alarm or false.

Reconsider your decision. I understand you are limited to 50 MPH with this small space saver, but you already have it. And every rotation you should wash this one wheel that goes to the trunk. Just too much mess IMO.

I hope you find my info helpful somehow.

Oh, here is a good tool for offset:
Online Wheel & Tyre Fitment calculator. Offset, Tyre stretch and Rolling Radius calculator
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