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Purchased a new 2010 GLS from Towne Hyundai in Denville, NJ. Total OTD cost was $15.7k (which includes NYS tax). No add ons included but they did donate the ipod cable. Overall it was a relatively painless buying experience. None of the local dealers in NY came close to that price.

One screw up on my part was that I misplaced the spare key on the day after purchase. The FOB is 95430-3K202 (osloka - 310t). Cant live without a spare but the dealership quoted me $200 for a replacement. However ebay lists them at a range of $10-$15. It would cost an extra $40 to have it programmed at the lealership. None of the listings suggest that this FCC code will work on a 2010 elantra. Is it unusual that my FCC code is normally associated with older Hyundai models?
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