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My wife was driving yesterday,she said the car just stopped running and left her stranded. OF course I had to go see what was the problem. When i got there the engine just cranked and no start. I had it towed home and put my scan tool on it and it read a P0432 camshaft sensor low input. I was reading through the forum and found the timing belt has to be changed every 60,000 as far as i know and did not know this i took off the top timing cover and found the belt has not broke but a lot teeth missing. I'm ordering a timing kit with water pump. My question is 105 tooth belt or 102 tooth belt or does it make a difference. I'm including so pics I took maybe.. I'm hoping it only jumped a tooth or to or none at all and it just the camshaft sensor. First i'm going to check the cam sensor and wiring then if it starts then change the timing belt because it needs it.
IF and has any pointers please share ..

PS the car has 109,000 miles

Boy this forum is a life and a money saver THANK YOU!!!


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