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i am currently looking for rims for my 09 elantra gls the specs are below. i would like to know if these would fit my car with no problem, with no rubbing, or
odometer misreading. thanks ( i currently have 195/65/15)

Rim Width: 7.5
Rim Structure: One Piece
Offset: -42
Section Width: 245
Aspect Ratio: 40
Bolt Pattern: 5x100, 5x114.3
Rim Diameter: 18
Hub Bore: 73
Load Index: 97
Rim Brand: ADR
Speed Index: Z

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LOL, come on now. That new tire size would be 1.7" taller than the stock tires, and result in your speedo/odo being about 7% off. That's way too much; as a rule of thumb, keep it within 3%.

And also, considering the tires would be both FAR taller and FAR wider than stock, I doubt they would fit without any rubbing, even if you were OK with the massive speedo inaccuracy explained above.

Elantras are not meant to roll on 18" wheels w/ 245s. Get some 16s or 17s with tires reasonably close to the OE rolling diameter.
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