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Well I've decided to start my own build thread. I've had the car since November of 2009 and haven't really done anything yet. I had a basic sound system but was tight on cash and sold it off. Up until yesterday the car was bone stock. I decided to rip out the Lower intake pipe and resonator box, to see how it sounded and performed. I was fairly impressed, but I needed/wanted more of a growl so I Head up to Discount Auto and picked up a K&N 3" Inlet Performance cone filter (Part Number - RE-0930) I went ahead and ripped the stock airbox and clamped the filter on and I'm amazed how much smoother everything runs. I'll probably have some pics up tmmrw. I still need to fab up a pipe for the filter to maximize the benefits. I'm not sure if I want to do a cold air kit or a short ram kit (Maybe you all can help?) After I finish my intake mod, I'm probably going to re-tint my windows. Not sure how dark just yet, I'm feeling like doin them pretty dark though. I'll keep you all updated=)
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