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Hi guys,

This is my first post here.

I bought Elantra brand new back in 09 and it never came with AC.

I am unable to buy an AC kit from the dealer as Hyundai doesn't make them anymore.:( They were around 1300 installed at one point. This tells me that the car does come with most of the necessary equipment... but i am not sure about this.

I am wondering what parts do i need to do this install? There is a parts car sitting in my local junkyard and i would like to get this AC thing done once and for all now..

I would really appreciate if someone would shed some light on this.

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I am not sure what was in the kit, but the things you must have are (and more then likely I will miss something):
- condenser (that is the radiator in the front of coolant radiator) compare the coolant radiator from the other car if they are same (thickness, mounting points) - you might need to replace both
- A/C lines (obvious, right?)
- compressor (do you have flywheel that will take another belt?), also mounting point for the compressor
- evaporator (the thing inside cabin, where the blower motor is) this could be the worst/most tricky part to install (labor wise). Also compare the heater cores and its lines. Plus you MUST have a draining tube (maybe it is equipped)
- wiring harness for the A/C clutch, inside the cabin to the A/C switch, ambient temp sensor (I guess that one should be on the care already)

On the top of that, I am not sure if ALL Elantras could be moded to accept A/C.

I, honestly, would not do it myself. Unless I would have exclusive access to the other car if I needed more parts and extensive/detailed description of the system. I think it could be done since Hyundai used to sell the kit, but still. Lots of work. might be a bit of help.

In short, if you pull all the parts of the other car and if they are compatible (not sure what they changed over the few years of HD Elantra) and if they are in good condition, and if you are handy with tools, and you know what to do... have fun.
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