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I'm looking to custom build a sub into the cargo hold in the trunk. I purchased an aftermarket Alpine 1 DIN head unit and want to build in the sub in the cargo hold in the back. Anyone know if I will need to put holes in the cargo cover to ensure good airflow to the amp/sub?

I imagine I'll need a Radio Harness Kit for the 1DIN head unit, suggestions? Also, I have the steering wheel controls, should I be buying the PAC SWI-JACK steering wheel interface converter?

Sub I'm planning on putting in is the Alpine Type S SWS1223D since it has a low depth and should fit properly in the cargo powered by a JBL GT5-A3001 amp.

Any advice/recommendations would be helpful. Has anyone actually done this that can help me through it? I'm not overly keen on spending 1000's of dollars!
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