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I'd been having occasional starting trouble on and off for about 3 months but this morning it wouldn't start at all.
Engine temperature makes no difference.
When I try to start it cranks ok and there is combustion but it stops almost immediately. Normally after 5 or 6 attempts it starts and runs fine but today even with cranking for about 1 at a time all it would do was run very badly (like it wasn't getting fuel) then stop.
My mechanic was closed today but he thought it might be a stuck EGR.
The car started and ran fine after I unpluged the EGR so I removed the solenoid, sprayed it with WD40 and moved it in an out until it felt free then refitted the solenoid.
Car starts and runs fine now hopefully it stays like that.
I'd also noticed sometimes when driving at around 2000 RPM that there was a little roughness almost like a cylinder not firing hopefully that was the EGR too.
I've posted because couldn't find anything online like this so hopefully this helps someone.
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