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Ok, so Hyundai sells the AEM SRI kit for Accents and I asked them to order me one and they said it is not compatible with my year of Accent (2006). Something to do with the Mass Airflow Sensor. They said if I installed it, I would just constantly get a check engine light and degraded performance as the ECU would constantly be trying to correct how the engine runs.

True / False ?

If TRUE - then how would someone overcome this issue ? Some people have told me that I would need to replace my ECU entirely with a custom unit that will compensate instead of running extremely lean and throwing OBD codes.

I've heard of all kinds of alternatives - I think I have heard them all actually. Including, but no limited to ;

1.) Install the AEM kit but do some minor cutty-pasty and keep the stock MAF. The collar at the end of the stock rubber pipe that connects to the air box.

2.) Keep the whole assembly there, remove the top of the air box and just attach any high-flow bell filter that would come with an SRI kit. May need to get creative on finding a way to actually attach it. IE : Use a very short piece of pipe and some strapping or clamps.

And other things like bypass tubes, etc, etc, etc.

After reading this forum, I find that alot of people have been some-what un-able to properly install ANY SRI kit without getting a CEL (Check Engine Light).

Must be a way around this. Anyone ?

Trying to do everything I can to this thing. I've installed a strut brace, plug wires, plugs, loomed the heck out of everything. Had lots of things powder coated under the hood. Custom rear braces made / installed. Custom transmission rebuild (its an automatic, but definitely rips now)

Lots of interior work done, 17" rims, lowering kit.

Just looks friggin GROSS when you pop the hood and tell people "Yo, check this ****!" and they LOL at yer air box.
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