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Hello all,

I recently purchased a Hyundai 2005 XG350 - love this little car, but my mechanic seems to think the Vacuum Control Valve is missing and that's why the check engine light continuously pops back on - even after maintenance. I was doing some digging online and saw that some models of this car were manufactured without this part?

I am curious to get a professional opinion because my mechanic is also wanting me to go all the way to a hyundai dealer and have them order the part for me so that the other mechanic can put it in. I want to save myself the grief and the hassle and expense of doing all of this by making sure that this could 100% be the problem.

So, do I need the vacuum control valve? If not, why is the check engine light on all the time? If I do, do I need to order the part directly from the dealer?

Would love to know if anyone else has the same issue.

Thanks so much for your time,
Hyundai owner
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