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Just had the same problem but since I was the original owner, had 97,200 miles & 4 months left on 100,000 mile/10 years warranty, just under the wire; Hyundai replaced the one front axle with the split tone ring for free. It came under the 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty. I think the 2003 & 2004 had a recall on this problem but not the 2005's Santa Fe's. Good Luck
Hi Tom:

We are in the same position; our 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe is just under the wire for the Powertrain 10 year warranty. Just had the CV Front Axle replaced because of a bad tooth ring. Dealer told us we that is the only way to fix. Can you share how you got Hyundai to cover the repair? They are stonewalling us... Thank you..

Anthony Ceste
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