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My wife was driving this car home not long ago when all of a sudden the vehicle started making a clicking sound (not sure what she meant by that but that is how she described it (clicking)). Real soon after, the engine light came on and then the vehicle died coming to a rolling stop. Once the vehicle was towed back to my place, I tried to start it. It was starting but not kicking over (the noise sounded differently than normal when starting). I brought it to O'Reilly's to have them put the machine on it to see what codes pulled up. First thing I asked them to do was to check the starter. The starter came out good. Next, O'Reilly's checked for any codes. Here is what they found:

P0455 (emiisions)
My gas cap is new so that isn't it. I found out that this code has other things that are involved in it but I am not sure what all that might be or if it would pertain to my current situation.

P0340 (cam shaft position sensor)

P0121 (throttle position sensor)

Does any of this sound like it would make my car die while driving it? Any takes on the matter? Thanks
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