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As already mentioned, you have a short. The dealership you took it to either doesn't know much about electrical diagnosis and repair or they don't want to be bothered with your problem. My opinion is that you should either find a credible shop that knows what they're talking about or give it a shot yourself. Generally for wiring problems, you need a wiring diagram, a multi-meter, and some basic tools to disassemble things like consoles etc.

I'm surprised that you've had no fuse blow, so this leads me to the assumption that the wiring has been modified to add an accessory such as a radio and that circuit either has no fuse or was fused improperly. With a short such as you're describing, you'll probably be able to see where ever the arcing has occurred & I'd suggest that you open things up and have a close look at what you're up against.

Another possibility is that you have a very high amp fuse in the fuse box for the problematic circuit. Have a close look at what's there and see what should be there, you might at least be able to narrow things down to the circuit. The arcing could have caused problems with other circuits if the arcing was in close proximity to a lot of other wires - that's why you need to open the console and have a real close look at all the wiring harness there including all the connectors.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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