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Hi all.

I've had 5of these over the years for short spells, but the one I have now I've had for over 2 years. This was a 2005 with 147k on it (now 158k) that had a brand new Clutch/Flywheel (2k miles covered) and 4x Cooper Mud/Snow Tyres fitted. I got it for a great price. However, I soon realised that the new clutch was slipping but intermittently and very rarely. Usually at speed in 5th gear.

I use this about town mostly, but I'm surrounded by 60mph rounds too.

On to my point. Having had 5, i know there is a problem with the Fuel Pum O-Rings failing on the underside of the pump. this leads to leaking onto thegearbox/Clutch housing leading to premature Clutch failure. However, I've not actually read this anywehre else. I've simply observed it 3 times on 3 different motors in this range.

What I'm actually wanting to know or research is the possible reasons for Intermittent Clutch Slip. Is there a problem with these vehicles in the clutch area that I'm not aware of? Does the clutch fluid need replaced? Is the Slave defective? It's the Thrust Bearing not releasing?

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