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We have an 05' Terracan that will not start. Long story but here goes.

We travelled up north two months ago. Around 3200km in total. When we got home, the car would not start the next day. We took it to Hyundai who came up with the response that they found metal fragments in the fuel system and it was the pump. So we bought the car home and examined it as it would be cheaper for us to do it.

We had the injectors tested and were told they needed to be reapired so this was done. Injectors back in and the car sent t Hyundai for re-coding. They said there was a mis fire but there was no code on their machine so they said it must be a mechanical error. Not sure if I rely on Hyundai's word anymore.

We got the car home again and it ran fine. The noise was due to a missing air filter. One last start and the car went bang. Misfire? Now, it won't start.

Can anyone give me a reason why it won't start?

Could this be a pump problem? The valve was replaced in it too.

Any help is appreciated as we are getting fed up now and don't know where else to look.
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