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ok, so i have had the car 2 days, I made a short ram intake last night, and am happy with the extra throttle response i got with it. from info i found here i have found that it seems you get a little more gain from the short ram. I'm not interested in keeping this thing stock. it will be a inexpensive daily driver for when I'm working on my other projects. i would like to get it up to speed before then. I'm talking about things like cams, head work, pistons, intake manifold, and forced induction. i have found what i needed for exhaust, with one question. do any of the exhaust parts cross over from a Rio to a accent. found a few more items for it, and i like the Megan header but cant find one for the accent. other than that I'm looking for tuning support. id like to be able to have a little control of my ecu without buying a stand alone. so if anyone has ecu info and how to tune that would be good also. like i said cams are a plus. id like to beef up my head, give it a little more duration. i know a lot about the older Hyundai motors, like the 94 elantra 1.8 and 1.6. there both from the Mitsubishi Sirius engine family, and are closely related to the 4g63t which i have almost unlimited knowledge of. my point with that is, what is the 1.6 dohc engine code. does anyone know what other engines it shares design with. its pre world engine right, and if so is it still Mitsubishi? I'm just trying to get as much info as i can, because i have yet to see any real tuning done on this thing and i know it has some potential. any way I'm going to leave it at that. I'm starting to part out my 4g63t powered colt, and I'm going to start building a 71 rwd colt, (known as the first lancer in japan) with a 4g63t. i would really like to get my accent up around 175-200hp at around 5-7 psi, before i start. thanks for any info that any one has, even if its just pointing me the right way. when i dig up info i will start a build thread. thanks again, Benjamin

here is a few picture of my colt. if you want anything shoot me an offer. ( these are older pics after i just finished the swap. its a 275hp 1700lb beast now)


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