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Hi all. Hope someone here can help me out. Have a problem with an early 2004 trajet 2.0 petrol. Car came in for a service yesterday. Was running fine until we replaced the plugs after which it developed a severe misfire. I have a spark at all four plugs, I have fuel and a good spray pattern from the injectors but still the car is only running on 2 cylinders (no 1 & no 3 are dead) I performed a compression test and all seems well, i've tried new coils, i've replaced the wiring loom that powers the injectors and coils. I'm aware of an issue with the wiring to the cam sensor on this model but it seems fine on this car. My diagnostic equipment is only giving me P0303, cyl 3 misfire detected which doesn't help me any. I'd appreciate any help i can get on this one as it's driving me up the walls :(
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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