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So, for about the past 10 years I drove a 2002 Sonata V6 AT. No problems with the transmission, other than a very occasional clumsy downshift.
My current car is a 2002 Sonata with the 4 cyl and AT, which I've had since April. I've notice on occasion that when starting off from a transmission-in-Park stop, there's a hesitation, then -CLUNK!- the car moves forward. I haven't noticed any common denominator, although I would say it happens mostly when the transmission is warm/hot. Transmission fluid seems normal, I did top it off with....SPFIII? so I don't think it's low, and it wasn't down more than, say, 1 pint.
I don't see any records of the transmission being serviced in what I have (post 2014). Problem only seems to happen when I'm in Park, and shift into Drive to take off. I haven't tried shifting into any other forward gear, or using the paddle shifter. The problem has never occurred shifting from Park into Reverse.
The problem was occurring about maybe once a week-I don't drive much-but happened twice to me Saturday. I'm hoping to perhaps drive this car another year, maybe 2 if possible, which would be about 6,000 miles. Sonata has 110K on it presently.
Brakes seem fine, the axles were supposedly replaced at 90K 5 years ago( I have receipt), they don't click on turns and the seals look fine.
Right now I'm thinking about trying to make a habit of counting to 5 before taking my foot of the brake after shifting from Park into Drive and seeing if that prevents the symptom from appearing. I'd welcome any suggestions of what it might be, or how to troubleshoot it. I can certainly take it to a garage or transmission shop, but the problem is hard for a garage to pin down, and I never heard of a transmission shop who had a solution other than have the transmission rebuilt.

Edit: apparently the problem is referred to as "Delayed engagement". A fluid change/filter replacement seems to be a commonly recommended attempt to remedy.
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