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I own a 2004 Santa Fe 4WD LX, 3.5L V6 with 5-spd Automatic and "SHIFTRONIC" Function. The vehicle has 135K miles of wonderful service to the family including pulling a 12ft pop-up camper on some great outings.

Within the last several months, a "jerk" started occurring when pulling away from a stop and when passing 20mph. The severity and frequency of the "jerk" varies from none to bad. The bad occurances happen more when going up hill.

A recent diagnostic at the local dealership resulted in the replacement of the purge valve because of diagnostic code 133299. After replacement of the purge valve, the "jerk" still exists, but not as bad as prior to the purge valve replacement. When questioned about this, the maintenance team at the dealer indicated that "jerk" might be a failing viscous coupler. In reading this forum, I found information stating that this model should have a magnetic coupling mechanism rather than a viscous coupler.

What could be causing the "jerk"? I will not tow the camper again until I know. Also, where can I get definitive information on the rear differential?

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Do you have MIL illuminated ?

There is a throttle logic program for that year.. dont think it will help, but update will be good

I want you to count the gear where this occurs... the 3.5 Santa Fe starts out in 2nd from a start unless you nail the throttle to floor off a stop... rember you is starting in, count each shift,,, does it occur during the 3 to 4 shift ???

I have in the last year replaced 4-5 of the 5 speed auto in Santa Fe for 3-4 shift slam/in-out jerking already.. common problem.

Go test, and report back.

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You might have other issue..

Try this -


MARCH, 2004




Some Santa Fe 3.5L 4WD vehicles produced through December 15, 2003 may
experience the following conditions:

• Intermittent “bump/jerk” after the vehicle has stopped (this does not cause the
vehicle to move)

• Intermittent 4WD binding while backing out of a driveway

To correct these conditions, replace the 4WD electronic control module by following the
procedure described in this bulletin.

• New part production start date = 2003/12/01 (any part manufactured after this
date is a “NEW” part)
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