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I have started to experience random changes in idle speeds after the engine has been running well after it is warmed up.
I do a lot of, Stop and Go driving with short periods of shutting off the engine, then restarts.
Normal driving speeds or any driving at any speed the engine performs great. No stumbling or loss of power issues.
Some changes are; an abrupt drop in RPM to under 300+-, High idling when shifted to Park or Neutral then slow return to normal,
Intermittent changes when in Drive at a Stop sign/signal (foot brake on).
Overly quick to accelerate from a stop, very light on the accelerator produces very abrupt movement (Forward or Reverse).
Also does anyone know of Engine software updates that are not listed with any TSB's?
Any Ideas?

Paul Coker
Santa Fe 2004, 3.5L, 4WD, Auto w/ABS/TCS, GLS
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