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I have a 2003 sonata with the 2.4 in it.
The car has been sputtering for a couple seconds randomly, then goes back to running fine. The interval of this happening was once every week - 2 weeks.
Never stalled the car just seemed like a shudder. It just started doing that 4 days ago and didn't stop. The car has no power, misfires and backfires while put into drive or reverse. Opened everything up to check timing. Replaced the Crank position sensor, camshaft position sensor, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, both coil packs. Checked pulse for injectors ( they all fire) The plugs seem to be a bit damp and black. They're all brand new plugs as of 24 hours ago. I have spark. I can't seem to figure this out. When i unplug the Camshaft Position Sensor and start the car it starts up fine, no misfires or anything. And then cuts out within 3-5 seconds. Plugged back in, it barely idles. Pops misfires backfires. Any ideas im desperate!!!

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Only a few other things you might consider.

1. What type of DTC are you pulling?

2. Check Fuel line pressure....Key on engine off....then Starting.

3. Recheck all plugs and fuses in the engine compartment and under the cruise control power switch.

4. All ground Wires

5. Air Intake (MAF Sensor)could be malfunctioning. Open the air intake assembly to the atmosphere at the air filter... start and test...if the engine still struggles.... disconnet the air intake assembly at the throttle body including the MAF sensor and retest.

6. Check Vacuum hoses and leaks around the intake.

7. Check to ensure the Catalytic Convertor has not failed and creating backpressure.

8. Check the inner belt on the Balancer Shaft.

9. Recheck #1 piston at TDC on the compression stroke against all timming marks....

10. Run an engine compression test.
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