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2003 Elantra

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I purchased a 2003 Elantra GLS last week for daily use and hopefully partial project car.
Hoping to participate and learn all I can about my vehicle.:smile:

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Check your car for any open recalls
Especially, for lower control arms
Bought my 2001 Elantra used
And during an oil change, mechanic found rusted lower control arms
Checked on line for open recalls
Found out that there was and had sub frame assembly
and both lower control arms replace by the dealer for free

Good luck with the new purchase
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Hi John! Welcome to the club and congrats on your purchase. Post some pictures when you can. There are lots of great choices for parts, service and many owners willing to help you. Safe driving and happy modding!
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I' have the the Elantra o1 GLS it hit 60k and the front disk brakes are glazed,so I' need too de-glaze the brake rotors and pads or replace,I' herd it common issue.
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