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Recently (2019 december) I came across a starting issue with my 2003 Hyundai Accent CRDi hatchback. (194 000 km)
As soon as the weather worsened, and the temps came below 0C, the car would need a lot of cranking to start the engine in the mornings.
First I thought the battery is dying on me, so I replaced the battery with a new one. Turns out, that the battery was worn out, but the change only brought minor improvements, and the car still cranked too much at first starts. I did not have free time at that moment, so I kept using the car that way, until the difficult starts became frequent, and came in below-0C temps too. Then one day, the car would not even start.
While the engine was running (had to use starting fluid) me and a friend of mine checked with an OBD2 reader for any codes, but wouldnt find any errors. However, he told me, that the pressure coming from the BOSCH CP1/CP1K3/R60/10S pump was low.
After a bit of cleaning in the engine bay, and a thorough inspection while the engine was running we could see that said pump was leaking diesel from under one of the three high pressure head parts.
I ordered a gasket kit from my local car parts shop, then decided to replace the gaskets, hopefully the pump is 100% good besides those.
I did not want to remove the whole unit from the engine, and after careful inspection, I came to the conclusion, that the only leak is the one I can see, which is accessible through the engine bay, and does not necessarily involve the removal of said pump. So I undone the 4 torx screws holding down the leaking head, and carefully lifted it outwards. Under the head, there is a piston, which I carefully removed, and took inside for an checkup. I removed and replaced 6 seals on the one side of the pump, and used this youtube video for guideance:
After the seals were replaced, I carefully reassembled the opened part, held the head back on its position, and put back the screws, with 25NM torque, according to a pump repair guide doc I downloaded.
Now the engine is running perfectly and reliably again, after weeks of use.

Bottom line, if you are experiencing starting issues with your CRDi Accent or Getz, check the engine bay for fuel leaks around the BOSCH pump, maybe a gasket replacement is your solution.
One of the three cylinders of the pump is facing downwards, so you might have to look very carefully, and also have to remove the whole unit.

I am not a car repair technician, however I did not have any spare money that I could spend on the repair of the car, so I tried to do it myself. So far it turned out to be a great venture.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Leaking heads seems to be quite a common issue on those Bosch CP1 pumps. Well done for managing to carry out a DIY repair.

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Thought I would update the adventures I had with the car

After the seal was replaced on the pump, about a month later both other cylinderheads started leaking diesel from the part, so I had to remove the whole pump unit. I had replaced the seals on both, and the old seals were definitely damaged, so I thought after reinstalling it on the engine, the problem would be fixed for good (or for another 100k kms).
Unfortunately, the car developed 2 new sympthoms:
  • weird "valve" noise, what our friend, who works at the local school as a senior car-mechanic teacher described as : hydraulic lifter noise, quote : "wouldn't worry about it"
  • and the tendency, to completely stall over 2000RPM, on the road, with a difficult, long-minutes cranking time.
After such stalls, the pump would definitely leak again, but only under the bottom cylinder, the leak would go away after replacing the said cylinder's seals. Did it around 6 times up until the fix down below.
We looked at the ECU's readings with a BOSCH OBDII tool and using ESItronic, and according to the program, all readings were fine, the control over the pressures were up to specs. We could also rev the car high, no stalling (in neutral). This meant little to nothing, the stalling problem was still occuring, mostly over 70km/h in 4th gear. (2000RPM+)

The car was usable for a while, but definitely not reliable, so I looked around for a solution. At this point, the owner, my father gave up on the car, said if I wanted it, I can have it, but he will pay no more for any parts. So I now have my first car :).
I asked around for salvaged CP1 pumps from Matrix, Getz, Accent CRDi-D3EA models, but the prices were all around €115, for a used one with similar mileage...
Then I found a bumper-damaged, foreign Accent, in a close village, listed as a whole car and not parts, with 114.000kms, and in working condition, even with all of its (altough foreign) paperwork. For only €170... Even with the cost of a trailer, it came to €215, and for a €100 fee, now I have a whole parts car, with all the bells and whistles (factory power windows, front foglights, working AC, ABS etc.) and with a good set of winter tires !
After some more painful work on my original car and pump system, my father mentioned, that over the ~90.000kms he never replaced the fuel filter... So I gave that a try, maybe there is not enough fuel getting to the CP1... After a new filter, it started up, but when next time I went out of town, it stalled again, and started leaking again from the pump (still the old one).
At this point, I decided, I woul try replacing the whole pump, from the donor car.
After replacing, started good, but after a modest drivearound and proper shut-off, it only started with starting fluid, but no leaks anywhere.

And then I found this post:

I decided to try swapping the 3 injectors, since the donor ran fine when I bought it. Even the donor car had 3 "spare" (probably previous set) injectors in the trunk, maybe it had a similar problem.
And voila, after days of agony, the car started right up with its new pump-injector-filter combo :D

The Accent is now running perfectly, starts up, accelerates without issues, no leaks, and even the ticking valve noise went away with the new injectors. Now I can focus on installing the factory power windows and fog lights from the donor...

Of course, you don't have to buy a whole donor car for this, for example, in my city, a local workshop tests BOSCH injectors, €18 /piece, and maybe only 1 was faulty. However, the rebuild of an injector, or a used one with a year warranty in my country goes for €142 /piece. In my case, I think the more economic way was the parts car, which I was lucky to find for that price.

I hope this helps anyone who comes by any of the issues I described!
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