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My 2002 2.7v6, 60k miles----, that i just bought two weeks just started doing this in a similiar fashion. Honestly, i went to a automatic car wash, came out and car stalled in park. Ever since than, car has been stalling at very low speed pulling away, or at a traffic light, and trans slipping at same time. However, what is interesting is that my idle is perfect in park/neutral, very tight, with no engine codes, but rpms will suddenly drop to zero, and than surge back up to normal a few times before eventually dieing.

And, it seems to only do this when car is warmed up. I am convinced that carwash messed up a sensor, and EGR valves are usually lower half of engine so maybe high pressure under carriege wash did something. I brought to a transmission place, he tells me dying in park means its not your transmission. Than he test drives it while it is experiencing the stalling problem and he is like your transmission is shot. I dont agree, a sensor broke somewhere causing transmission and car to act a mess. Although i have no check engine light, or any stored codes, which could give emphasis to a transmission problem, but who says the computer is actually working properly anyway, or could you have a bad sensor without an engine code.

I am leading towards a timing belt or camshaft sensor or egr valve, or simple tune up, or fuel system/pump issue. It cant be the transmission, stalling at low speed or in park is not the transmission, unless anybody can assist that would be great, otherwise i am selling this. after purchasing it 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!! if you get any info elsewhere please post to assist me, and i will do the same....
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