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I posted this before and got no response so I'm asking again. I know nothing about the climate controls and am looking for hints.

2002 Sonata heater I have a 2002 Sonata that I'm trying to troubleshoot the climate control system.
The AC works and the heater works at times.
The AC blows cold and the heater is either ON or OFF. There is no temp control in either mode. I can force the heater to heat if I turn it up to max temp. I'd say that the heater valve is working. Other than that, it's Schitzo. Sometimes it will blow warmish air but mainly it's ALL or NO.
I've replaced the control unit and that hasn't helped a thing so I believe there is something else that is wrong.
I also know that the blend door servo motor is working, even tho it does not track evenly with the temperature as set on the dash. I'm thinking there might be a temperature sensor that I'm not aware of.
Does anyone have suggestions for me ?
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