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2002 Sonata Glx V6

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I am trying to find out what kind of air conditioning system that is in a 2002 Sonata GLX 2.7L V6. I want to replace the refrigerant in the air conditioner and I don't know where the service ports are located on the air conditioning system, especially the "low side" and "high side" service ports. Furthermore, there is NO indication of any kind under the hood that describes the air conditioning unit and the type of refrigerant that is used, e.g. R12, R134a, etc.

In reading some of the prior posts, it has been suggested to register an account on the website of I am from Montreal, Canada and this site only is accesible to users of Hyundai vehicles in the United States.

If anyone can help me find out what refrigerant is used in this model as well as what kind of air conditioning unit is in this model AND attaining a repair and/or owner's manual for my model car that I can download as a PDF file for free would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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R-134 has been the flavor of choice since approx 1994 by auto manufacturer with the restrictions placed on R-12..

The service ports is out in the open on the suction and discharge lines... the caps are molded with "L" and "H" on top, and they is different size.

If you do not know what you are doing, you be best to have a pro do it, as you can get hurt if you not know what is supposed to be happening.

Unless your car has been wrecked at front and shoddy body shop repairs,,,, there should be a yellow or whute label on the core support or hood detailing the A/C system for capacity and refrigerant type.
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