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I am new to the forum and would much appreciate a little help. I recently purchased a
2.0 Santa Fe CRDI. The tempreture gauge needle on the instrument panel was only coming
to between the quarter marker and normal even after driving a long
distance on the motorway. The fan works fine and warm air does come out ok but maybe
not as hot as it should ?.

So a new thermostat was fitted and to my suprise now it is even worse. Even when the
car is very warm the needle is only coming up to the quarter marker on the instrument panel, a long way off from the "normal" level. The tempreture sensor has been checked and
is working ok.

I realise that it's an old car but is it usual that the tempreture gauge always reads alot
under the "normal" level? on a diesel santa fe? and please any suggestions for a fix?.
Many thanks in advance for help

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Hi Warren,
The only thing that comes to mind is a faulty temperature sensor at the engine.
You could measure it with an ohm meter.
Should read some 2450 ohms at 20 C or 68 F. Maybe 4000 or more if much colder like 10 C or 40 F.
Some 320 ohms when hot at 80 C or 176 F (thermostat heat level).
You could replace the sensor temporarily with an external resistor of 270 or 330 ohms (standard value) to see if the gauge is giving some correct (middle) reading.
If the sensor is ok you must suspect the gauge itself in the instrument cluster of being very unresponsive.
Then you need to disassemble the instrument cluster to check it's function.
Good luck,
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