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Lots of possible, and you not going to like this one.....

4cylinder.... lots of miles.... possible balance shaft belt broke, and the remains get caught in the steel rotor at front of motor, the rotor ears bend, and bust the crank position sensor.. seen it tooo many times..

Also the belt remnants get caught in the timing belt and get between the timing belt and crank cog, and will allow the timing belt to skip right out of time by however many teeth it gets away with. Possible teeth fell off timing belt and skipped out of time.. all you can do is replace the belts, crank sensor, rotor, and see if it runs... got away with a couple... had 1 the fella was doing 70+ he claims, the balance belt broke, and the insides of engine grenaded big time, pulled the spark plugs, look down in, seen crank pin.. exhaust manifold full of valve faces, guide chunks, piston chunks that fit through the vavle seats..

Don't try to start the engine, get the upper cover off and verify belt timing last week..

The first pic is of the balance belt broken, see it all bunched up, and the 2 eared rotor is mangled, and the sensor is broken, you can see the 3 electric strips inside it

The second pic is cleaned up, ready for some assemble

Third pic is assembled, note the balance belt in place, the new rotor, and the new crank sensor... this customer got back on the road with a timing belt -balance belt and sensor replace,,,, could have been a lot worse


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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