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Hello, I'm new to the forum. Figured I'd try to get some advice from others who may share my problem.

About a month ago my 2002 accent started intermittently turning on.
The car cranks nice and strong when it doesn't start-(until the battery loses too much power from repeated cranking).
When it does start, it happens instantaneous, no issues no hard start.

I have talked to multiple people with varying amounts of automotive experience, who have given many things to try.

Things I've replaced or tested, hoping they were an issue
-Starter and relay
-Fuel pump and filter, as well as relay for pump.
-Battery, post connectors and wires to starter
-Alternator and belt
-Multimeter tested fuel injectors and ran fuel system cleaner for last 3 fill ups
-Replaced spark plugs and wires
-Ran fuel line antifreeze every 2 tanks or so

Things I've been told might contribute to the intermittent starting, but haven't looked into
-Inconsistent fuel pressure
-water in the fuel tank
-Bad ignition switch
-MAF sensor

I live in southwestern ontario, currently in the icy grip of winter. I thought the cold would be a huge contributing factor, but alas, when the car has fired up the temperature has ranged from 1 to -32 degrees and has no issues starting in the deep cold.

If anyone could help, that'd be great. It's very nerve racking going into a grocery store or something and not knowing if the car will start
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