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hello everyone ok after about a year of dealing with regular honda civics and acura integras i have decided to change to a vehicle that ive never touched before witch is my 2001 tiburon 2.0l 5 speed heres what ive done to it. i threw on a spectra cold air intake and a new slave cylinder as well as a new timing belt with a valve cover. now i have ngk iradium plugs (after all of this i resetted my ecu to my driving standerds) and am wondering what i can do to push my car over 200bhp right now im looking at getting a cat back exhaust sytem while adding my own twist to the regular single exhasut im going to dual the exhaust muffler at the back(aka have two mufflers instead of just one) now with that i was told i should do a 2.5" cat back system and piping with 2.5 is this right? also i was told bigger injectors wont help me at all becouse the ecu will just correct itself to compinsate is that also correct?
dose anyone else know of a couple of quick mods that i can do that wont send my pockets empty that might help (aka no turbos or anthing that might harm the tranny or engine to bad if i beat on the car a bit)
if so please help.

also im not looking right now to lighten the car so it has all the original interior and exterior except the exhaust and intake
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