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Hi my name is Tara. I am trying to fix my friends 2001 Santa, and i will try to make this as short as possable.
When it starts it idles fine. if you try to drive it doesnt want to go over 25. if you try to floor it the tach acts like the transmission is slipping. It has stalled and taken like 5x turning it over till it finally started again.
We have taken complete exhaust off thinking the cats might be clogged.(no luck still) if you floor it in park it revs up fine but then when you let up it sputters... we have taken to a transmission shop and had it serviced. he said it wasnt trans.
We did spark plugs and wires still same.
And yes plugged it in and NO codes. A friend cleared them 6 months ago before this started happening and it hasnt come back on.
We used a digital obd scanner to check fuel pressure and it idles at about 36psi but then when u floor it it drops to 0psi for a second.
Also looked for vac leaks and cant find any.
I have been researching this for 2 weeks in between time and could really use some help friend needs car back on the road.
No dealer within 50 miles so i called and a very nice service guy listened to me explain all this and he said cats or fuel pump. But my other thing is i can only get fuel pump kit(not whole assembly from part store). kit is $90. whole pump is over $300. @ dealership.
ANY help would be great!
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