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Hey I hope someone can help me out with this;

I parked my 2001 Tiburon and disconnected the battery to store it for the winter. When I started driving it this spring it was fine for the first hour but then started a slight chucking. Now it seems to chuck more after it has warmed up and It can vary from a slight chuck (at high rpms) to a massive lunging. This is also at random I cant tell when its going to happen but its practically all the time. I originally thought it could be ignition but I dont think so anymore because its different all the time. Also my code reader wont work because there is no "check engine light" and Ive ran a few tanks of gas through it.
Im thinking it could be some sort or sensor or maybe the coil pack?
Does anyone have any experience with something like this or any advice I would really appreciate it!

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