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I got that problem since almost 4 week now.
I have that noise when the clutch pedal is press down.
After is engage in any gear or in neutral the noise totally disappear.

Now, it just started to have a vibration on the clutch pedal when it is press with the noise.

On the HMA webpage it tell

Clutch noisy
A noise is heard when clutch is disengaged

Insuffcient grease on the sliding surface of bearing sleeve or
Improperly installed clutch assembly or bearing

How do I repair or check that?
Did I have to take out the transmission?

Thank You,

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you will have to remove the trans. it's more likely to be a problem with the clutch release bearing sometimes called the throw out bearing, but there could also be a problem with the clutch itself, either way its best to replace the three part clutch assembly in one go
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