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Car just seems like its not getting gas. I took it to a small shop and they said they didn't want anything to do with it. Too many codes. They replaced the Cam Shaft Sensor but still not luck. Also when filled up with gas has trouble starting. Here are the codes he gave me:

PO340: CamShaft Position Sensor.......already replaced still having problems
P1166: Undefined
PO440: Evaporative Emission Control System
UoDoo: Undefined
PO711: Transmission Fluid Temp Sensor circuit performance
P 2300: Undefined

Please help......I know I should take it into the dealership, but I am so cash poor right now.....I work full time and go to school paying for it on my own and I just need some help......My brother is a dodge mechanic and says he can probably replace any part necessary just doesn't have the right scanner I guess to figure out this issue please help.
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