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I have a 2000 Sonata, 2.4, auto with 276,000 kilometres.
Symptoms: runs fine at highway speeds, but while at a stop light the RPM's start to fluctuate, sometimes getting so low that the oil light starts flashing
putting the car into neutral will improve the situation, but it's still rough, you can actually feel it surging. This happens in Park as well, the engine will start shaking when this happens.
Symptoms are worse when the tach stops functioning <----this is totally random

Have had it into the local shop, and just took it to hyundai. they can't seem to figure it out since there are no trouble codes being sent or stored.
Dealers suggestion ? do a compression test and change the fuel filter

Today I fired it up and started unplugging sensors

MAP: no difference in idle,
MAF: slight difference but nothing major
unplugging these didn't make the check engine light come on at all

Running out of ideas here............. :puzzled:

just unplugged this, as I am checking out all the connections, cleaning them with electrical contact cleaner, car will not stay running with this unplugged, after connecting it again, check engine light comes on and stays on and it seems to be running noticably smoother, I assume this is the Camshaft Position Sensor ?

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