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I bought this 2000 Sonata with 117,000 miles, in July 2009, and only have 122,100 on it now. Never had a single problem with the car until recently. I parked it one day, and the battery was completely dead. So I jumped it, then tested the battery later that day and it had not discharged. Turned out to be a loose terminal clamp. But ever since I jumped it, I got a check engine light, and the car had no power from 2,000 to 3,000 RPM. Got the code scanned at Advance, they told me it was manufacturer specific, so I took it to the dealer (charged me $47.50 to just have it looked at) and they said that there was a fuel trim code, fuel/air metering problem. I asked for the codes, which were P1167 and P1166. So, I looked up the codes, and they turned out to mean "Limit O2S B1/B2", "Lambda Control", "Control adaptation". The dealer said the Oxygen sensors were not reading unless accelerating. They wanted to do a fuel pressure check for $190, but I declined it.

So, here's what I have done thus far to fix the problem.

1) Fuel injector cleaner, no change.
2) New fuel filter, no change.
3) Throttle position sensor. Installed it, no change, then reset the ECU, drove it, and there was no hesitation at all, but the transmission WOULD NOT SHIFT UNTIL 5,000 RPM. So, I removed the TPS, and returned it thinking it was not the culprit.
4) Reset the ECU multiple times, same symptoms, but the CEL is not coming back on.

I'm usually able to figure these things out, but this Sonata is an elusive mistress. Could I have fried my ECU by jumpstarting it? If so, would the car even run at all? Could both the TPS and the Transmission Control Module be fried? It is not the catalytic converter, nor another mechanical issue since it would be nearly impossible to develop a clogged injector, cat, or O2 sensor.

I loved the car until this happened, and I want to get to the bottom of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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