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People don't get mad if this has been asked 1,000 times, cause this is the first time I'm ever used a forum before. So please be gental! I'm a 29 yr old female from Tn, and I've always helped my dad when it came to fixing our cars, so I know a lil bit more than the average female when it comes to fixing a car. I've always had older cars cause they were cheaper to buy and cheaper to fix. Plus, I grew up poor, so a "new" car consisted of no rips in the seats and having shoulder bealts. Up until about a month ago, then newest car I ever had was a 1996 Mazda protege' that an X let me have when it messed up. I bought a 2000 Hyundai Accent, 4 door, automatic, less than a month ago and all I have is the 1 key for it. I'm not sure if it supposed to have a chip in the key, but I was hoping someone can tell me. Cause I need to get a spare one. Plus I need someone to tell me if they supposed to have the keyless entry thingy for it. Cause I'm not sure, but I have a feeling it was supposed to and the guy didn't give it to me when I bought it. The reason I think that was because I have been locking the doors and the 1st few days I had it a few things got missing out of it while it was locked! And I just have a feeling that someone stopped by and got in it and took the stuff out of it. Well also when you lock the door on the drivers side, it locks all the doors. I've only seen that with cars with the "bleep bleep" thingy. Don't laugh too much cause I don't know what it's called but the alarm thingy. I don't think my car has an alarm on it, but if it does, the guy didn't give me the alarm thingy for it. And I needed someone to tell me if that make and model came with an alarm when they came out. Plus I need to know about the key too. Does it have a chip or can I get a copy made at Walmart or do I have to spend a buttload for a spare key?!?! Cause God knows I ain't got the money for that! But I have other things besides that stuff I want to know about the car. So if anyone wants to educate me further on my car, just send me a message or reply to this or whatever you do to answer me. Here's my email addy. [email protected] and if u do email me, let me know in the subject that it's about my car. So I don't think it's junk mail!!
JoLove :)
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