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Hi all,
I'm glad that for once I actually have something to contribute to the forum.
I have certainly received a lot of help here.
From the Hyundai Dealer in Tempe, Az on 7-11-12:
If battery is disconnected for whatever reason, and you get a persistent security alarm that won't let you start the vehicle, AND, you have no remote, here's what you do:
1. connect a new or a recently charged battery.
2. Close all doors, trunk, and hood.
4. unlock car with key, which should start alarm.
5. turn key ON and OFF four times, and
on the forth time, leave key in the "ON" position for two minutes.
6. turn key to the OFF position.
7. Car should start. It did for me.
8. I did have a valet reset button at the end of a black and brown wire
under the dash. (kind of hanging just above and to the fusebox)
(so I'm not sure where your will be. I've read them being in a few places)
Hope this works for you.
Thanks all for you support.
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