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Hi everyone. First time poster so please bear with me. Nothing's gone wrong with the old girl until now!

I have a 2004 2.0 diesel manual Santa Fe with a noisy rear differential.

The garage suggested changing it for a used one as they cost fortunes new and about the same to be reconditioned and I am rather strapped for cash at the moment.

So, I sourced what I was told was the correct part from the net, and certainly it looks the same as all of the others that I saw on the net.

The old one the garage have take off my car looks completely different to any other!

Can anyone help me here?....I'm completely lost at the moment!

Is it possible that there are two different differentials for a manual, 2.0 diesel, 2004 Santa Fe?

Thank you in advance!

Pics attached:

1. Pic of the two side by side - One on the left is the replacement I sourced. The one on the right came off my car.

2. Larger snap of the one that came off my car.


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