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Does anyone else with the 2.7L feel that the thing shifts out of first gear way too soon and easy? For example, making a turn and gradually accelerating in the turn then by the time the turn is completed, it's already in 2nd gear and takes forever to get up to speed unless you floor it or manually shift it back into 1st to build up the RPM. it also seems eager to shift into 4th from 3rd at about 35-40 MPH but if you are not going to go any faster than 35 or 40, you can feel it shuddering in 4th trying to maintain that speed. Sadly where I live there are a lot of hills and add to that I am up at 6000ft so engine performance at this altitude is very crappy in low displacement non-turboized 4 and 6 cylinders. I doubt this would be a problem with the 3.5L. But I've not driven one to be able to compare. If the A/C is on, it might as well be 0-60 in 25 seconds. Good GRIEF!
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