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Hello again,

I starting doing some work on my 2002 santa fe. I have the engine taken apart down to the cam's and I've noticed that I have slack on both my chains. On Bank 1 in the back there's only a lower cam chain guide, it is almost completely worn through even the metal. On Bank 2 (Front) there's only an upper Cam Chain Guide, also heavily worn.

My question is, how many Cam Chain Guides am I supposed to have on this 2.7L? I saw a post by Pemdas1972 from 2009, they ordered 2 upper's, 2 lowers, and 2 chains. So that's 4 total chain guides. Is my engine mysteriously missing an upper and a lower guide... I can't imagine how or why someone would do that.

If anyone knows how many Chain Guides the engine is supposed to have, that would be great.

Thank you,

p.s. I can't wrap my head around how I could be missing a lower chain guide. Upper's can be easily taken off and have minimal risk of the chain/timing belt slipping, but the lower requires taking that cam out, which usually means taking off the timing belt as well so nothing slips a tooth. That's a lot of work to do and only put in one lower chain guide.
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