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So, my front engine mount looks a little perished and I decided for $20 to get a replacement.

All the bolts for the mount are a peice of cake to remove and access. The problem is, once it's loose, I cannot get it out! There isn't enough space between the engine portion of the mount and the front crossmember to get it through. I read online someone who removed the bottom bolt of the engine part of the mount, and loosened the top one and supposedly got enough clearance to twist the mount and let it drop out. I tried this but only loosened the upper bolt a bit (I was concerned with it coming out, and if it does, good luck getting it back in) but some oil lines into the radiator got in the way.

Anyone else done this job? Do I just need to loosen the upper bolt more so the engine portion of the mount can wiggle around more? I'd rather not have to remove the whole front of the car if I can help it.

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