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2.2 Crdi + Chip Express = 170kw/500nm?

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hi all from Australia

Picked up my 2010 Santa Fe R (2.2 145kw stock) around 12 hours ago and love it.

Traded my 09 Golf GTI Ed 30 / Pirelli (long story) and so im hungry for some more power (though, im very impressed with the stock power so far).

Looked at this link and was wondering. 170kw + 500Nm is **** impressive.

Anyone running one or heard anything about them?

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Before you install a power upgrade, consider a few downsides:

You may void your Hyundai warranty.

Advise your insurance company and be prepared to pay extra. Otherwise if you have a crash they may not pay out.
i have seen a 2.2 crdi 2007 cm come in with aproblem of losing coolant.this vehicle had a DP chip installed.after removing the cylinder head i found the head gasket blown between 1 & 2 cylinder and water jackets.this was due to this so called performance ended up costing the owner over $5000 due to the head cracking between the valve and the glow plug.the head was fuct!!!.
avoid these chips at all costs.
is there not a difference between 07 2.2 crdis and 10 2.2 crdis? (serious question I dont know?)

DP chips was going to be an option for me for this particular sentence on their website

With regard to aftermarket parts, warranty coverage cannot be denied simply because such parts are present on the vehicle, or have been used. The warranty coverage can be denied only if the aftermarket part caused the malfunction or damage for which warranty coverage is sought.

New Vehicle engine and driveline warranty - Backed by Australia's leading diesel experts, Berrima Diesel Service specialising in diesel since 1956.

In the event a manufacturer will not meet their new vehicle warranty obligations because of the fitting of the DPChip the customer must obtain from the vehicle manufacturer a written report stating the details of the vehicle problem and that “the DPChip was the cause of the problem and how the DPChip has caused the problem”. If the claim is proven then DPChip will authorise repairs. We know, and you can feel confident in the fact, that the DPChip is engineered to be completely safe for your engine and can't possibly cause any engine problems. That's why we're happy to provide such a warranty.
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They seem to be flick passing the responsibility.

If you are using such a chip it is unlikely that the actual device would cause any problems. However, if it actually produces the extra power and extra torque as claimed, you would overstress the engine and drive train. Presumably you want the upgrade to drive at higher speed, consequently you would overstress the brakes and suspension etc, compared with a standard model.

Good luck arguing the point if your warranty claim is denied.

it would even be easier with these units as you can take out the box.

cars that have flashes have things to worry about.
QUOTE (decksla @ Oct 1 2010, 03:13 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=360030

it would even be easier with these units as you can take out the box.

cars that have flashes have things to worry about.
If it was all above board why would you need to take out the box to try to conceal your use of this upgrade? It sounds like a scam to defraud the dealer.

There is no problem trying to improve the performance of your car. However, you have to take full responsibility for any breakages caused by this. For instance, if you use your car for motor sport you have to accept the full cost of anything that happens. Nobody should expect the manufacturer or insurance to pick up such cost under normal warranty.
I have the Steinbauer upgrade for the fuel metering on my 2009. The 2009 Kw of 114 is upgraded to 141Kw with an increase in torque of about 19%. The Power band goes from 1800-2500 to 1500-through the rev range. The Power is smooth and the economy has increased. Look at the current 4WD Magazine as they have done a test on alot of "chips". The Steinbauer came out on top. I do not know if they do an upgrade for the 2010 yet!
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