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:00000732: i have some new parts all genuine i will provide part numbers and pics if any intrest is shown i was spose to do a job that just didnt turn out in the end so i am left with all the bits i belive these will fit trajet santa fe and sonta 01-06 for def i have been told by hyundai they fit up to 08


full timing belt kit with auto tenioner and both pullys £25 inc p&p
head gasket £7 inc p&p
Head bolts £10 inc P&P
most inlet valves and exhaust valves not sure on price just ask i will tell you what i have and sort somthing out
and last i have a set of rockers £30 inc p&p

i am a mechanic i know what this stuff is worth i just want rid of it all feel free to ask any questions
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