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I while ago, my car, 1998 Excel Sprint (Australia) was broken into and the stereo stolen. I got a new stereo installed but ever since then the lever controls for the airflow and heater don't work. The fan works but I can't control the flow (fresh/recirculate OR which vents: windscreen, feet etc...) or heat. At the moment, I can blow cold air on my feet. It's just standard air controls, no air-con.

Any advice?


EDIT: After some reading here, I've found that the cables were disconnected by the sides of the console. I now have two new problems: The top cable which controls where the air will go, just keeps coming off. Is there supposed to be a clip or something to hold it on?

The other problem is that the temperature control attachment was two-parts a large part that the cable attached too, and the smaller part which fits into a groove in the larger part. The small part had come out and when I tried to put it back in, it broke at the join where it goes into the unit. I'm gonna try super glue on it unless someone warns be against it.

Sorry if I'm not describing this well.
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