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I have this problem with my 1996 Sonata doors.

The old doors I had (look at the attachments, black doors) have those bigger square holes for the door mouldings.

I found myself replacement doors (white in the photos) from old car dismantlers. The replacement doors were taken off from a 1995 year model, but I couldn't get the VIN-code of that car.

My 1996 Hyundai Sonata VIN-code is: KMHCF31FPTU507463

Now the problem is, that I compared my old doors with the white doors and I noticed the difference between the holes,
where the mouldings attatch.

The question is which mouldings fit the white doors as they don't have those bigger rectangular holes? What are the part
numbers for those mouldings?

Hyundai dealer said that they can't help me in this question. A VIN-code of a car which has same doors and moulding attachment as my white doors could help.

Please help.


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